Home Again: My Mom’s Return from Alaska

My mom has been hiding from real responsibility all Summer by living in Alaska in a house with ocean views and ample wildlife outside her door. She’s been like the runaway young adult living her dreams somewhere beautiful.
I’m actually happy for her, but I had Empty Nest syndrome all summer while she was gone. I’d go visit her house and take care of my Grandpa and I’d miss her. It’s like the roles are reversed and I’m the mom with the runaway daughter.

She’s home now and I picked her up from the airport on Friday night. It was nice to have my mom back. Since she isn’t living in Alaska, her phone will work. I’ll get her text messages and when I call her she’ll be able to answer.

I know she misses gorgeous Alaska and our boring desert town isn’t much to look at but I’m glad she’s home again. 🙂