I Wish

I wish I had one of those mommy blogs where everyone talks about their kids all day and I gave away My Little Pony apps. But I don’t.

Instead, I have one of those blogs where the weirdo fundamentalists come out of hiding every once in awhile and act all bat shit crazy, misspelling their grievances about me and wasting my time.

I’m not gonna lie, it sometimes makes me want to quit. I have a great sense of humor and can think of a hundred ways to cuss them out, but sometimes I just don’t understand them. And who wants to spend all day cussing them out? I have a life. Remember yesterdays post about enjoying life? My life is filled with days at the beach and I like to keep it that way.

They want me to quit, though, right? They want to silence me, because I’ve left my “pastor’s covering” where I was silenced for years. So they tell me I’m narcissistic and “just like the church I’m writing about” and that I’m stupid.

But the thing is, I’m not stupid and I’m far more ethical than any church and I might be a tad narcissistic and I might even be angry or bitter or hurt but I admit all that to you. So that’s not news to anyone, and if it’s news to them and they think they’re making a huge claim that’s going to “out me” then they’re dumb.

And then there’s the “you won’t post my comment” bullshit. Hey, mother f*cker, I pay for this website, so I essentially can do whatever I want with it. But to be fair, read the comment policy because I have one and I follow it. Or check back later, because I do approve nearly all of the comments posted here (even the hateful ones). It just takes time to get through them–especially because I don’t get cell phone service on the beach.


2 thoughts on “I Wish”

  1. Hey lisa drop me a line i got a lotta questions. Ive been reading some of this posts and getting wicked dejavu. Its good to know im not crazy and the speculations i had about mca were accurate. I guess i could do this thru some other venue but i dont facebook and i havent talked to anyone from masters in FOREVER

  2. Sorry for your experience with the Master’s Commission. Frankly, all of the churches and groups on your watch list of dangerous cults would be on mine as well. But with all of their abuses and foolishness and danger, they do not negate the reality of the resurrection of Christ. Jesus is real. God is real. Forgiveness of sins is real. The hope of the gospel is real. I wish you well in your writing ambitions. And I wish real relationship wit the living God for you as well.

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