Three Things I’m Obsessed with This Week

After leaving a controlling, abusive environment it took me a few years to start enjoying life and allowing myself to feel happy.

Happiness is a choice, some people say.

A lot of my readers who have know me, know that I’m pretty bubbly and happy. I smile a lot. From the looks of this blog, that part of me doesn’t always get expressed. This blog is about abuse and the evils of it; however, the best part to my story is that it’s a happy ending. A lot of my other friends from Master’s Commission and other cult-like groups also have happy endings. We’re living life free of the mind captivity those groups had on us.

I’m turning a new blogging leaf.

I’d like to talk about inspiration, happiness, and things that bring me pleasure.

What makes me wake up each morning, now that I live a life that some Master’s Commission students will notice is largely different than what I used to live? I don’t find my comfort in morning prayer anymore. I don’t read the Bible. I don’t attend church.

Can one be happy without all prayer, bible reading and church attendence?

I can be. I assure you, you can be too.

To each his/her own, though.

I’m going to start off my inspiration talk with Three Things I’m obsessed with this week. I’m fashioning this after Andy on BravoTV. He does this on his show and I love it. So here goes…


Reading is my first obsession of the week!

I’m obsessed with reading Emily Giffin’s books. The past two weeks I read “Something Borrowed” and now I’m reading “Something Blue.”

I love ChickLit (a genre of books dedicated to stories about young women living in the City, dating guys and finding their place in the career world). Though my all-time favorite writer (of ChickLit) is Jennifer Weiner, I’ve read all her books over and over. I needed a new writer.

Upon seeing the movie preview of “Something Borrowed” with Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin, I decided to pick up the book. It’s great! It’s about two friends, Rachel and Darcy. Rachel is the shy, smart nerd who most guys aren’t attracted to and Darcy is the attention getting whore who has it all. Anyway, I breezed right through that book and am on to “Something Blue” with the same characters, told from Darcy’s perspective. I love what Giffin is doing in this book. She’s writing the kind of characters that seem like people.

Fresh Air!

This might sound cheesy, but I am so grateful for fresh, cool air. I grew up in the desert of Central California and we had the most wretched summers of over 100 degrees just about everyday. I moved way South of my hometown just minutes from the ocean either direction I look. We’re finally reaching days where it’s 80-90 out, but the area has such a fresh, coastal breeze blowing through the air most times of the day so I never feel like it’s blazing hot like my hometown did. I love taking mid-afternoon walks outside to clear my head and get some Vitamin D.

Snuggling with my Kitten!

There’s nothing like a good snuggle with a purring kitten to make anyone smile. Maybe even cry. My kitten isn’t so much a kitten as he is a cat, but to me he’ll always be a baby. 🙂 He’s a shelter cat, who barely escaped euthanasia to come home with me. The first few weeks, he was so scared and afraid of hands. It’s my theory that whoever had him before me abused him.

I named him Boo, since he was such a scaredy cat and since I got him toward the end of October.

At the end of a long day, Boo sometimes crawls up on my bed near me and starts purring up a storm. He usually does this long enough to get me distracted, and then he drops his favorite toy (a pipe cleaner) on my feet. What in the world is a cat doing with a pipe cleaner, you ask? He’s trying to get me to play fetch with him.

What Three Things are you obsessed with this week? What brings you inspiration?

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  1. Hi, visiting from the Lady Bloggers Society tea party. I’m a new reader and I find it great that you were able to come out of a bad situation and improve your life. Blogging is a great way to pour out your emotions and stay sane. Best of luck on your new blogging journey.

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