Kitten Diaries

Contrary to popular belief, I have two cats, not 25. Boo and Molly are their names. Look how adorable they are!

Just the two of us


Boo is kind of a bad ass. I got him at 4 months old (we think) from a high-kill shelter. I’m surprised he survived his stay at the shelter, to be honest. He was so skiddish and couldn’t be touched when I got him. He was afraid of everything: hands, people, and being petted.

Can we say comfy?
Again with the porno-pose

Molly was a 4-5 week old kitten with a broken tail. She was rescued by the marvelous Holly, who flies to rescue animals. That’s how cool she is. To say Molly stole my heart when I first met her is an understatement. Look at this face:

But Molly has been growing up:

And eating laptops
And being adorable–even when learning how to open drawers with her paws


Sometimes she looks like she’s flying, but she’s really just sleeping.



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