Another Master’s Commission Dream

I’m in school right now, so I have the luxury of sleeping in–until my cats decide it’s time for me to wake up. I have two cats, Boo and Molly. Molly is a kitten and she’s out of control. I’m not sure why but every morning, she decides it’s a great idea to run right over my head while I’m sleeping so she can jump for an attack at Boo’s tail.

This morning I woke up to Molly climbing on my face and realized it happened again: I had one of those dreams where I joined Master’s Commission again.¬†

I have these dreams every so often. It’s weird, for sure, but the dreams have been getting progressively friendlier and I’m met with less hostility than before.

I used to dream that I’d joined Master’s Commission (or come back, because we all know that they always want us to come back) and ran around warning everyone of the cult it was. Of course, that was met with much hostility so I’d be forced to leave. I’d be sad I had only warned one person and everyone else didn’t know.

A few weeks ago I dreamed I went back to Our Savior’s Church and Daniel and Maria were actually friendly toward me. This was definitely a dream. I doubt they’d be friendly to me in real life.

Last night I dreamed I rejoined Master’s Commission and there was this kid who was starting his first year of the discipleship program who looked pretty scared. I started explaining the ropes to him–the basics and the fact that he’d have no free time to just breathe so if he started getting worn out, he needed to just go escape for a few minutes and hide somewhere so he could relax. Yes, hide. He’d already noticed that he never had free time and that things were different in person than what they were on paper.

So it was with me–things were pretty perfect on paper when I was recruited into Master’s Commission. A year of my life devoted to God, becoming Super Christian with Super Christian Powers. I was going to travel the world telling people about God’s love and get a more solid foundation in my life.

When I arrived it was a different story. There were no Super Christian Powers and there wasn’t any traveling (for me, anyway). Also, what I thought was a more solid foundation in life turned out to be a modern myth–something built upon two people’s fame in the Christian Evangelical world. This wasn’t True Religion (if there is such a thing). This was True Fame and these two pastors had it.

That’s when I realized things were going to be much worse than I expected them to be.

3 thoughts on “Another Master’s Commission Dream”

  1. I take my occasional odd and somewhat related dreams as signs….signs that on some level I am still processing the experience, and that’s all.

  2. It’s sad that you seem to have blamed your “bad experience” on everyone else. And guess what? You chose to sign up for a program with a no dating policy! You also continued to choose to attend that program for 7 years….7 years!!!! You act like you were forced into a program and then all of a sudden someone sprung the no dating thing on you. You were given a choice to attend and you chose to go. Don’t blame that on the program or the people that run the program. You could have gone to college and you chose not to.

    Don’t get me wrong…some Master’s Commission’s are nothing more than glorified work programs and I’m certainly not saying that you cannot find fault within some of them. But please do not blame your own choices on a program…again you chose to attend a program with a no dating policy.

    I definitely believe there is more to the story than what you’re sharing. You are bitter and hurt for a reason but good Lord move on! How sad that you’ve seemed to dedicate your whole life to this…that is pretty sad!

    Hope you are able to move on!!! Put your giftings to a better use!

  3. I think you were obviously really hurt by all of this…I can’t imagine the feeling of wanting to be apart of something great, and believing in it, and then finding out lie after lie… But just like you said, everyone’s walk with God is different. There are some who are called to be celebrity’s (Joyce Meyer) for example, but their calling is also to have a much higher¬†standard.

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