Is A Car Wreck a Direct Result of Disobedience to your Pastor?

A former MCA student talks about his experience in Master’s Commission of Austin, under the leadership of Nathan Davies and Tim Wilson. What you are about to read is a real experience that helps to illustrate the controlling nature of leadership in MCA, and the ways they’d isolate us from our parents.

“When Nathan Davies left MCA, Pastor Dan Matlock from Rockford MC took over. He was amazing. He realized how spiritually and emotionally messed up we were and we had a healing service the first week with the counselors of Glad Tidings. It was healing spiritually and emotionally. In your blogs on, there is mention of needing permission to do things and if you disobeyed the [leaders] there would be affliction from the devil. One specific instance is when we were on a travel trip to Winnie, Texas. PE [Pastor Nathan] let me drive my personal car because it was close to my home town. I wanted to take my car so in down time I could go see my mom and dad.

PE had told me that during my down time I was not to go see my mom and dad—that I was to hang out with the team. Well I did not do that. I decided that no one was going to stop me from seeing my mom or dad, for they had just recently given their hearts to God at one of our services. On the way back [from visiting my parents] I had fallen asleep at the wheel and slammed my car into a guardrail on the side of the highway while driving back to the church where we were staying. When it was all said and done while back in Austin, PE called me into a meeting with him and Tim Wilson. I was told that the reason I got into the wreck is because I did not obey [Pastor Nathan] when he told me to not to go see my parents. Because I disobeyed him, the wreck was a direct result of my disobedience. The reason I fell asleep is that I was so tired and ran so thin from all the travel trips back to back that I could not focus.

I was so convinced that it was my disobedience that caused the wreck that I was never going to disobey again. PE made me write a letter to my parents apologizing to them for almost killing myself through disobedience. That same year I injured my neck by falling. One day after that, while still in my neck brace, Tim Wilson cornered me in the hallway of the Third Floor by the Master’s Commission Offices and said, “Josh you notice how you’re always getting hurt or injured? What’s going on man? What kind of secret sin are you hiding?”

I did not have any secret sin that caused me to injure my neck. I did not have any secret sin at all, so I just made something up to appease him. Because when I said I had nothing to hide, that answer was not good enough.”


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  1. I remember a person who forgot something and was made an example of. PE said “That is something my wife would have done.” I was shocked, is it typical for women to be forgetful and men remember everything?

    Seeing your family is important. I am so sorry this happened to you.

  2. I was injured during my third year at MCIndustries and wasn’t ever crossed as you were, but that injury led to me having to go home, which was 1000 miles away (or around there). I had to have a surgery it was figured out, and I always saw my injury as a blessing because it got me away from the ‘way of thinking’ so that when I returned I thought the way my friends ‘thought’ was strange and weird. I was gone for 3 months or so. So, I’m saying, perhaps injury isn’t just punishment, but something to help move on to where we’re really meant to be in this life. Too bad others can’t see that, and instead want to manipulate by these kind of things. Ick!

  3. Josh I am so sorry. Car accidents are just that..accidents. The only position God has in them is that we are not killed. Oh my goodness all the crap that went on!

  4. Josh,
    I am so sorry this happened…. If I’d known you were told that and in the area…I’d have driven you to see them myself….. and your injuries….. oh no nothing to do with sin…. so I guess the sin in PE’s life’s the reason his children were involved in a recent car accident?

  5. Wow, I’m glad I was in Dallas with Mark & Mel.I mean what would they have thought about me. I had 9 wrecks in 3 years! I had no hidden sin just really bad driving skills. Mark & Mel were always there even allowing to stay with them, since my family was so far. I’m sorry u had to deal with that.

  6. There were times my first year we were told that if we got sick it too was a result of sin in our lives. The funny thing is…the staff got sick too. I guess sin was running rampant in our MC camp. LOL!

    Truth is – we are saved by grace NOT WORKS!

  7. Josh! Dude I remember you! I felt so bad for you guys – the MCA group – but the “normal” college group at G/T couldn’t really talk with you guys at all – we were made to feel like we weren’t “spiritual enough” Loved Glad Tidings – but we thought MCA was a bit – well intense. It was really disturbing to watch you guys – I felt like I couldn’t even have a decent conversation or invite you out to lunch with the college group, you wouldn’t be able to go anyway!

  8. Lol josh. He was trying to get u to admit u were doing drugs. He shouldve known it was just cuz u were narcoleptic, j.k. But srsly ur narcoleptic.

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