Rainy night in Austin, TX

It was a rainy night in Austin, TX (not Georgia) the year 2000; I flew out to visit   my daughter Lisa; it was her first year there at MC.  I had never been to Austin, TX so when I arrived at the airport I expected someone from MC to greet me (as they did at Phoenix, AZ MC); no one was there.  I got a rental car, no gps, no cell phone, a road map and started to drive to Glad Tidings Church.  The rain was pouring down; eventually I looked up and saw a sign saying I was almost in another state; I pulled over to use a payphone called MC Heather Brown answered and I chewed her out saying “Do you people not want any visitors, I am really lost and scared.  This is no way to greet out-of-towners.” It was near midnight, and for those of you who know “mom time” we are in bed by 10 p.m. That was my first impression of Austin, TX, MC and I was quite naive about churches and Lisa and I were already in the first stages of brainwashing. What a terrible way to greet parents of MC students and staff.

This story told by Lisa’s mother, Laura.

As many of you have read under the Articles section, one of the signs of an unhealthy group or cult is the alienation from friends and family. This story from my mother is a prime example of one of the ways Master’s Commission of Austin alienated us from our friends and family. My parents lived in California, so to visit me they had to take a four to six hour flight, not to mention take time off work. Needless to say, my parents trusted my judgment and were always very supportive of my decisions but neither of us had been to visit the church or Master’s Commission in Austin before I made the decision to move out there.

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  1. Lisa,

    You are an incredible writer and have a great gift!

    I have found your blog to be very intriguing. This is actually my first comment after reading most of your content. Because I had a different (positive) experience with Master’s Commission I have been very cautious to respond. Obviously your experience was very different. If the information you have presented is accurate I would have to agree with your conclusion of being part of a cult.

    I would ask that you would not speak of Master’s Commission as a whole as a “cult.” Each program was different and mainly took on the characteristics and emphasis of it’s leadership and church.

    I am responding to this entry because I feel that it has the least validity for supporting a definition of a cult. If they were alienating your family or friends they would of never let her show up on campus. Please forgive me if I am way off base her, but your mother would of had to drive over four hours to reach another state. I find it hard to put the full blame on MC Austin for this one. Also, whenever my parents flew in to visit me I was not allowed to meet them at the airport if MC activities were taking place. I did however make sure they had adequate directions to my location. Again, I don’t know the whole story, but don’t find this as a good support for your argument.

    Love reading your experience and sorry for what you went through! Suggestion – How about a post about some of the positive and life-changing experiences that took place. The negative may out-weigh the good, but may make for some good material.

  2. Laura,
    You as a parent deserved to be treated as royalty.
    Please accept my apology. No one should be treated as irrelevant, no one.
    If it means any thing we are all committed to purging this kind of behavior from our programs and invite you to interact at any time.
    My phone number is 214-636-8688, my e-mail is bxr3@aol.com
    Z’s phone number is 480-560-7539, his e-mail is lloydz@mac.com
    I remember meeting you when you came to visit Lisa in Phoenix.
    I am sorry for all the pain you as a family endured.
    Chris Zeigler

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