Red Flags and Warning Signs

what are the warning signs of a controlling group or a manipulative pastor (or discipler) according to your experiences?

Hello readers! I’m in the process of compiling a list of specific red flags and warning signs about OUR experiences in a destructive discipleship program and/or a church that teaches unbiblical doctrine. Most specifically, what are the warning signs of a controlling group or a manipulative pastor (or discipler) according to your experiences?

For example, some Master’s Commission’s applications to enter as a student ask very specific questions about a person’s sexual life (i.e., Do you masturbate? Have you ever had an abortion? Have you had a bisexual experience? Do you use pornography and when was the last time you did?). Other groups take students into a room for a meeting and forbid them to have sexual thoughts, to masturbate, or look at pornography. Other groups tell men and women what to wear, and make women change their clothing or burn it if it’s too tight fitting or revealing. Group and individual confessionals are frequently required.

These are ALL red flags of a controlling group.

in retrospect, what are some warning signs YOU may have seen BEFORE joining a group like this or a church like this?

After your experiences in a church or group like this, what warning signs and red flags can you IDENTIFY now?

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  1. I like to think people have choices. for those who seem not to have any choice as to their lifestyle I believe compassion is better than judgment, lest we end being no better than the ones who asked Christ if they should stone the adulteress. Anybody else besides me wonder why those men didn’t bring the guy she was with too? Aaagh!

    I have seen and heard many women say the cult I was a part of actively preyed upon the women in their training that had a history of threesomes and/or homosexuality, or had a history of allowing themselves to be preyed upon through just these types of questionnaires. In the old days I automatically went with the company line which was that complete information allows them to be ministered to better, but still am actively angered by the scoundrels who betrayed such a personal and potentially Holy trust, bastards.

    I like to think that a couple can choose to be true and faithful to each other no matter their individual history, but have seen heartbreaking failure in many peoples’ lives.

    I believe love is the true solution and law without mercy just condemns the one who thinks to judge based on the law alone, just as with those men who through the adulteress at Jesus’ feet.

    I think that the worst consequences fall upon those who while in leadership positions in the church either betray trusts, followed shortly by those who willingly hurt people while trying to keep a facade of helping. But those who do evil while not realizing it will not receive as many stripes.

    (Left this one on Facebook too.)

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