Stop Telephoning Me: I’m Kinda Busy

To my haters/stalkers from the cult; In the words of Lady Gaga:

Stop telephoning me…

Sorry, I cannot hear you,
I’m kinda busy.

K-kinda busy
K-kinda busy
Sorry, I cannot hear you, I’m kinda busy.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce–Telephone

If you don’t like my blog, that’s cool. Three words: Don’t Read It! While you’re not reading it, please watch Lady Gaga’s video so you’ll be entertained and if you STILL insist on reading this blog, then just know that


  1. Getting paid BANK at my job, rather than getting paid 40 CENTS an hour! I get paid really well at my job, and honestly, anything is better than 40 CENTS an hour, wouldn’t you agree?
  2. Spending the past several years vacationing in HAWAII, where my sister lived. Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We spent one week our vacation house which had it’s own private beach. Eat your heart out, pastors.
  3. Even though my pastors wouldn’t let me go visit my family, because I was “too busy” working for them, I now get to spend lots of time with them. Some examples of things we do: Go flying in my dad’s private airplane; Deep sea fish on my parent’s boat; Spend weekends in the winter in Mammoth, CA snow skiing; Spend weekends at the lake water skiing.
  4. Instead of eating food that was donated to our church/ministry by Albertson’s grocerty store (can we say OLD meat?????), I dine at places like Ruth’s Chris. Yes, you heard me…the food we used to eat in the cult was OLD meat and old food donated to us from local grocery stores. How disgusting was it? So gross. Just ask anyone who lived there.
  5. I’m kinda busy living in a brand new house, rather than living in a dorm with over 15 other girls or living in an old converted barn that has a mouse and bug problem. Yes, my living quarters, which the pastor so frequently said was part of my pay, was an old converted barn! He lived in a home that was selling for around $750,000 while I lived in that barn! What a way to treat your employees.
  6. Living guilt-free and dogma-free.
  7. Thinking for myself.
  8. Going to an actual doctor with actual medical insurance, instead of sitting at some county welfare office waiting for health services because the pastor can’t afford my health care.

13 thoughts on “Stop Telephoning Me: I’m Kinda Busy”

  1. Your arrogance and need to be a martyr is actually what makes your blog impossible to read. Really? Bragging about the money you make and the places you vacation? You’re no better than they are.

    If you actually want to appear remotely sympathetic, you need a good dose of humility. I’ve met people going through much worse situations who handled it with grace and humility. You just sound like a whiny brat. Get over yourself.

    Of course, you’ll dismiss this comment as another “hater” from your “cult”. There is no talking sense into the self-obsessed.

    1. Hey “Does it matter?”
      First, let me say it DOES matter who you are, so why don’t you have enough balls to come face-to-face and say your name? Let me know how you really feel but next time let me put a face with that name so I know who’s still brainwashed.

      Secondly, are you so in love with Jesus that you’re condemning me and judging me for speaking up against a cult?! Really? Then, you clearly don’t know God. Get a new religion…oh wait, you did. You’re brainwashed.

      Also, you’re obviously still reading so my arrogance and “need to be a martyr” doesn’t make it impossible to read. Because you just upped my stats…and the more you do that, the more google will send people MY way so that people can know the truth about the CULT that’s going on there. Thanks. =) Have a nice day.

    2. Dear Does It Matter;
      Shame on you.
      I know this young woman personally, there isn’t a person with greater humility than she.
      She has brought an indictment and you should heed her words, a word of wisdom to you, choose wisely your comments as to not make yourself look as foolish as you just did.

    3. As noble and brave as it must be, in your country, to hide behind sarcasm and digital anonymity, please keep in mind that most of us are from a far away country called America. We tend to think that people who have chosen to behave like this are mildly retarded. Call it narrow-minded, if you must, but it’s our humble culture and it has aided us well for over 200 years.

      If you were to ever allow me to discuss your post with the head of your tribe or local witch-doctor, my response would be along these lines:

      Most honorable head-of-tribe/witch-doctor, thank you for meeting with me. I realize that you are busy with your various nomadic activities, but I am greatly concerned that a member of your community is behaving in a manner that even you may feel is distasteful. If you have a moment, in the coming days, please kindly remind this person that they have no clue what they’re talking about, and that they look incredibly silly. Also, they should choose to wear pants, as is customary in Western civilization.

      1. I laughed out loud reading this one! The problem is that it is a very good picture of where these people are coming from. The fact of the matter is that if they put their name on their blog comment, their local tribe leader will call them and threaten to shrink their head if they read this blog again. Free thinking and communication with the outside world is discouraged. You must receive all your kool-aid from them and tell them how great it tastes while drinking it.

      2. John,

        You are hilarious! =) I was laughing so hard when I read this… like 3 times in a row!

    4. Dear Does It Matter:

      I believe Lisa is right in respects to saying that it ‘DOES MATTER’ who you are. And from reading some of the backlash that those who oppose in any way shape or form (of which I may be receiving soon, no doubt) things shared on this blog, I realize it takes a lot of guts to leave an opposing comment. That said, I don’t blame you for your anonymity. But you are a person and I hope that sometime soon, you’ll feel comfortable enough to attach a name to yourself online. (I almost posted this one anonymously but feared you would become the focus of an even more “off-the-cuff unloving” response.) I was hesitant at first to post comments on ANY of the blog posts because there really isn’t a ton I can relate to in a lot of the stories shared here. And from reading other comments, I sense a strong bent of retaliation against anyone who might slightly oppose anything written here.

      On the one hand, I want to say that I don’t think Lisa intended for the update on her current status and lifestyle to come across as boasting in a gross way as opposed to one who feels vindicated by their current success, which I think is pretty valid.

      However, I want you to know that I understand where you may be coming from and I’d like to say that in no way should you feel like you are less of a person or retarded (mildly or other) for posting your personal opinions on a public blog advertised both by Google and by the author.

      In fact, I’ll just add that I went to the same school and never personally felt victimized or that I had no choice when it came to things that might be perceived as oppression. In fact when I was presented with commands and other options, I stood my ground and did what *I* thought was right—not what was fed to me and did not receive any punishment that I couldn’t learn from and move past. Even in moments where leaders corrected me, I took the correction and applied it to my life my OWN way and didn’t always stick to their ‘value system.’ And when the choice came to stay or go, I stayed—not because of any loyalty or disloyalty to the staff and leaders above me, but because I KNEW God was urging me in my heart that I needed to stay—and I don’t regret one moment of it. I was more hurt by those in my class and in classes above me than I was the staff. My story is different from Lisa’s, and yours may be as well, but each is equally valid.

      From reading responses to your comment, I disagree with the notion that any statement of disagreement with what has been shared on Lisa’s blog signifies that you are indeed in a cult or have been brainwashed (although by the standards set before me and my prior involvement with a ministry that actually taught me to give a damn about people that I never had before and how to love them, I may be as well). But in lieu of your comment, what may be harder to grasp is the offense that comes when someone accuses someone else of perceived character. I can honestly say that I have gotten to know Lisa, and though we are not the best of friends I feel I know at least a small window of who she is and where she’s come from. And as much as you may be offended or bothered by her perceived tone in posts, her story and perception are just as personalized as yours.

      Like you, I find pieces of the blog disconcerting. However, I’ve gained insight into a world I’m glad I never chose to peek into and I know her story needs to be told—as does the story of anyone who’s ever experienced Master’s Commission.

      All of our stories are different. People were hurt, people were healed, people died, and people learned to live. Some of our stories are marked with hardship which leads to success; some are marked with success which leads to hardship; and some are marked with moments of success which leads to success. But each story matters and I think it’s important for you to let her share hers, and take a step back from harsh words like “being a whiny brat,” and other accusations because I think in each of us is a whiny brat, guilty of the things you are accusing her of. . . and one day we’ll each have to eat our words.

  2. did anyone watch that video of “telephone” by lady gaga? one of me and my girlfriend’s favs!

  3. Obviously, I’m NOT hiding behind a fake name, because I provided you with a real email address. For the record, I DO know this “young lady” in person and I find her to be just as arrogant in real life. I’m not one of your “cult” people, I don’t “love Jesus”. And the fact that you use religion as a weapon, again, makes you no better than they are. Throwing religion back in someone’s face — no matter WHAT side you’re coming from — makes you a bad person. Don’t pretend to be the better Christian because you’re willing to cry the loudest. Just be the better Christian.

    1. Does it Matter,

      There are plenty of people would can corroborate what Lisa is saying; there are too many to just be a figment of a few people’s imaginations or the result of a couple backslidden Christians. Cult or no cult, people were deeply hurt, confused, and spiritually ship wrecked. The only thing wrong with what Lisa is saying is that she should have spoke up sooner. Lisa’s words have been the catalyst that multiple other people have been wanting.

  4. Mr. Does it Matter,

    I guess I am a little confused… does being the better Christian entail telling others they need a good dose of humility, they need to get over themselves and calling them whiny brats??? If so, I guess I would rather be the lesser of the Christian then.

    And seriously, if it really “doesn’t matter” then just put your name.

    The Lesser Christian AKA Sarah Cadriel Cutright

  5. I was a member in Dallas from 98-00, I am so sorry that you had this experience, I truly am…my heart truly breaks for you, I know the leaders from both areas, and we are very close to Chris and Z. know that you have the prayers of many covering you. I pray for healing and understanding.

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