I’m Over “Occupy Wall Street”

First, let me say, no one likes corporate greed or government greed but this whole movement is a bit ridiculous. I’m behind the concept and I think the police brutality is disgusting, but I’m over it.

Let’s Occupy Churches and Religion and fight the greed and power hungry bastards there instead. But let’s not sleep in parks and act homeless. Let’s blog about it, share news stories about abuse and corruption in churches and organized religion and be responsible citizens in who or what we listen to when we’re “taught” about “truth.”

#OccupyChurches #OccupyReligion

1 thought on “I’m Over “Occupy Wall Street””

  1. Hey girl!

    Churches & pastors should be TAXED!  For many, it’s a business, it’s how they make a living! 
    Many of those preachers & churches live LARGE and are financially doing very good!
    My expastor would brag that he was “well taken care of….”

    I say TAX ’em…..

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