Poll of the Day: How Do YOU Feel about Sex?

Just a few minutes ago, I wrote about how some women feel guilty and slutty for having sex on my super secret sex blog. Read the post here. And please enlighten me how YOU personally feel about sex in the comments or by taking this poll. The poll is pretty much anonymous, so feel free to be honest.

5 thoughts on “Poll of the Day: How Do YOU Feel about Sex?”

  1. It’s surprising to even me, but sex hangups/guilt are something I’ve never dealt with. I grew up in an uber conservative UPCI as a PK/MK and sex before marriage was not accepted, was not even an option.. Yet I turned 17, I wanted to, and I did. Of course, I realized that I was very different and that my beliefs did not align with those of my family when I was 12 years old. I knew what I thought and believed, I knew that many religious beliefs our church held were very simply against MY morals. My dad actually attempted to insult me once by telling me that I had less morals that the average baptist, which is hilarious in retrospect; you can see that pedestal that pentecostals (oh I cannot bear them!) feel themselves on. The path continued from 12 to age 20 (and still!) thanks to my love of learning, reading obsessively, and finally the turning point, getting to know and having illuminating conversations with a mutual friend of ours. I knew what I believed, what that final step gave me was courage to name it and fully live it. ANYWAYS! I went off on a tangent there. But I have thought about this intermittently, because it is not as if I don’t have guilt problems- like I’ve told you, I am prone to motherguilt and I very easily take fault and responsibility upon myself in romantic relationships. Somehow religion just never tainted my sex life. I have experienced negative feelings around sex, but those have been very specific times in which I disappointed myself, i.e. done something I had told myself I wouldn’t. So yes! Sex is fantastic and lovely and beautiful and absolutely pure – whether straight, gay, upside down, pre/post marital, with 5 other people, or on an altar. Consenting adults FTW. 😀

    1. For a lot of people (not all!), guilt is a byproduct of being religious. Once I let go of religion, I let go of my guilt in a lot of ways; but it’s something we all deal with here and there. Relationships (friendships/lovers) are a hard thing to navigate through, in general. Having spent most of my adult life single, I don’t always feel like I’m the best at the romantic side of life. I have super high expectations–I expect perfection or near perfection from people. This isn’t FAIR of me; it’s just all that hocus pocus I was taught about me being a “princess” who should wait for my “prince” to come along. Well, the entire time I served God, no prince came along…and all for the best (though it was miserable at the time). I wouldn’t have wanted to date any of those Christian “princes” let alone marry them.

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