It’s a dirty word, that every feminist hates.

Every rebel,

every child of Satan,

every one who is outside God’s blessings

hates the word SUBMIT.


It’s a dirty word that godly leaders hate to use, but they do it anyway, for our own good.

It’s for our benefit that they ask us to submit, to obey, to be subject to what God tells them.


That’s what I was taught for years. And it’s total MANIPULATION, CONTROL, AND ABUSE.

I pulled out my journal from 2002.

It was a notebook I kept in Master’s Commission, during my Second Year. The first year I’d be considered a “leader” and a “real discipler.”

It was also the first year I was put to work in the offices of Master’s Commission and had to stay up at all hours of the night discipling young women. Yet, I paid tuition to do this.

Several thousand dollars.

I paid.

To work.

In this notebook, I kept journal notes ranging on the subject of dating to how tired I was performing Hell’s Alternative (a play our Master’s Commission wrote terrifying “sinners” into accepting Jesus).

On this particular page I’d opened, the infamous phrase nearly highlighted itself: “SUBMISSION BEGINS WHEN AGREEMENT ENDS.”

Nightmares of Nathan haunting me with these words are going to flare up tonight.

I’ll bet you a dollar.

I’ll probably be standing over my own grave, next to Satan, with Nathan cursing me saying, “Submission begins….when agreement ends! Remember Lisa? If we don’t agree, you should SUBMIT! SUBMIT WOMAN!”

Haunting little montage playing out in my head.

Control tactics are subtle.

And they suck.

Think for yourself.

My Cult Life.

3 thoughts on “Submission”

  1. I think when Paul said to submit ourselves one to another in the fear of God that his other sharings and his own example prove he wasn’t a “faith-nazi”. As a matter of fact I believe he condemns what I just decided to call “faith-nazis”. He also said that their is “neither male nor female, but Christ is all and in all”.

    So whether one is a “faith-nazi” or a nazi-ish husband, this mannerisms counter other basic commandments such as doing unto others as we’d have them do to us, or sayings such as “as you judge, so shall you be judged” or “unto the merciful I will show mercy” and ” unto the froward I will be froward.”

    That’s my 2-cents for now.

    1. Well put!
      I like the “faith-nazi” term you just made up. Great choice of words!

      I have a lady at work I like to call the happiness nazi. If you don’t smile or act happy around her, she gets really weird.

      The phrase, “submission begins when agreement ends” was a weird one, and a very coy way of controlling us.

      1. I’m glad you like the term “faith-nazi” Lisa. As far as usage of the coined phrase goes I guess I have just one misgiving. I think I only want to make references to nazis when the “nazi-ish” actually hurt people. Having trouble dealing with people and many other challenges just fall short for me as concerning this reference, unless they hurt people in the process, deliberately.

        It just so happens that when applied to deliberately hurtful religious abusers the term “faith-nazi” may well apply IMO. But like anyone else who may have a coined phrase directed at them, I can understand if they choose to object. My hope is that when religiously abusive folks are confronted with the true nature of their actions that they see the problem and have a change of heart.

        But in general, I agree with you that the phrase “submission begins when agreement ends” is a control method. Especially when paired with such gems as:

        ” Every rebel

        every child of Satan,

        every one who is outside God’s blessings

        hates the word SUBMIT. ”

        What is too follow on the heals of such absolutist type religious statements? An inquisition perhaps? Witch trials? Perhaps a new round of “culture wars”?

        I don’t hate the word “submit” in and of itself, especially when paired with other things such as kindness, mercy, reason, or love (to name a few), but I readily admit to despising it’s usage when paired with supposed ministers who only bring judgment upon themselves when they beat people over the head with it as a method of control.

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