The New Crooks: Why Paula White and Benny Hinn are a Perfect Couple

Earlier today I found myself reading and commenting on The Christian Post, on the article I started on was called Young Pastor Challenges Ministry Leaders to ‘Just Believe’. Despite myself, I found myself blogging about that article here and then ended up finding myself reading another article that caught my eye about Paula White, her divorce and why the IRS was investigating her ministry.

I used to like women like Paula White when I was a fundamentalist Christian reverend. I aspired to be what I naively considered at the time “being used by God.” I thought women like Paula White, Juanita Bynam and Cindy Jacobs were the good kind of powerful, and not being sucked into the whole “women are only supposed to be silent in church and raise children at home” kind of vibe I’d been taught for years.

Needless to say, I haven’t caught up on any of those women’s lives in years because I just don’t follow that crowd anymore. If we’re being honest, I just don’t like them either. I think they’re crooks and I think they take something that can be very sacred and exploit it.

So, it’s no surprise to me that Paula White was investigated by the IRS FOR NINE YEARS, got a divorce and almost quit the ministry. She did not quit the ministry though, and is back to preaching on pulpits in front of thousands blaming it all on the devil and the enemy. Oh, and telling the devil that she’s getting back her anointing and prophecy (Can you lose something like that, which isn’t really real?).

It’s all so sick to me. It’s disheartening that thousands and thousands (millions?) buy into this type of high pressure sales (in the same way I was suckered into it for years). Why else is Paula White so wealthy? We give her money!

According to the article, Sen. Charles Grassley launched a Senate probe in 2007 into six influential ministries, including White’s, following complaints of opulent spending and possible abuse of nonprofit status…Grassley had referred to Jesus’ humble entrance into Jerusalem to make the point that ministers today don’t really need Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to spread the Gospel. I COMPLETELY agree with Grassley. It turns out Paula doesn’t, “The church better recognize, it should be thanking six ministries for fighting for the body of Christ for saying ‘we are not going to let you dictate to us how we interpret Scripture’ and you can’t tell us ‘because Jesus rode in on a donkey’ because if you start telling us how to interpret Scripture in one way, you’ll tell us how to interpret it in every way,” White said in frustration.

Anyone else find it odd that when Paula is being told she’s frivolously spending and doesn’t need a Bentley or Rolls-Royce to preach the gospel that she gets frustrated and twists his words into something favorable for someone like her?