Boy Problems

Ever have one of those days when everything makes you cry?


Yeah, me neither.

Actually, I’m lying. I have those days at least once a month, sometimes more. It really depends. I can always depend on a good “Cry Day” if two factors happen around the same time. First, I have to be having boy troubles. Second, I have to have forgotten to pick up my prescription refill for my anti-anxiety medicine (which is an SSRI and must be taken at the same time everyday, or at least everyday, to prevent Cry Days.)

Why can’t everything just be perfect in life? I mean, my life is pretty damn good. I live in Paradise. The weather is always between 60 and 70 degrees. Seagulls always fly overhead, and I have a nice coastal breeze outside my house. I like my job. I like my hobbies. I have great family and friends. And then it happens…

The inevitable.

Boy problems.

I’m thirty years old, unmarried and without children. I really don’t need to be having boy problems.

I do, though. I always do.