More is Revealed About the Dino Rizzo Affair Cover-Up

This is what we know so far about the Dino Rizzo affair with Kaycee Morgan Smith and the subsequent cover-up. More information is coming in even as I write so stay tuned for more updates.The affair between Kaycee Morgan Smith and Dino Rizzo wasn’t short-lived, nor was it an inappropriate friendship. It lasted at least a year and sources say that he furnished her with a luxury apartment during that time in Perkins Rowe.
Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge, LA (Image credit:
Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge, LA (Image credit:

perkins rowe

What about her salary? Kaycee was indeed on the HPC staff and it’s rumored she made quite a large salary; more than some pastors at the same church. Kaycee played the role of Dino’s personal assistant when they traveled the world. He requested her to go on trips. Obviously so they could feed the poor, if you know what I mean. 😉
So how did this all get exposed after Dino had clearly hidden it for a year? Someone found texts between Dino and Kaycee on Dino’s phone. The person confronted Dino about them and Dino in turn, said it was none of his business and threatened him. The person went further, though, and spoke up to the church presbyters who turned a deaf ear. It’s no coincidence that DeLynn Rizzo’s father, Wayne Austin, was one of the three presbyters that were told that day. Wayne Austin was also the marriage counselor Chris Hodges mentioned in his sermon last Wednesday that ‘restored Dino and DeLynn.’ What a joke.
Don’t think DeLynn is a victim in all this. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Sweetheart knows where her paycheck comes from–$4 million dollars a year is what Dino and DeLynn are rumored to make.
Take a look at the cars their kids drive (BMW SUV), the private schools they attend (Samford University) and the eleven trips to Disney World they’ve taken. Burberry watches for birthdays ($500-700) and a private chef for Dino’s daughter McCall’s graduation party. Or trips to Australia, like McCall talks about on Facebook:
Who's paying for this? You, HPC.
Who’s paying for this? You, HPC.
Not to mention the $1.2 million dollar home they put up for sale after the scandal was revealed.
Dino Rizzo's house went up for sale last year around March.
Dino Rizzo’s house went up for sale last year around March.

dino rizzo house

Four million dollars a year may very well be an incorrect number. I’d imagine this kind of lifestyle would require at least $10 million dollars a year. It’s no wonder they run a very lucrative School of Ministry where college age kids pay several thousand dollars to work for the church. Free labor, plus thousands of dollars? That’s a trip to Australia for five, folks!
On the day Dino resigned, he was supposed to read a prepared statement but he didn’t. DeLynn told him not to. I’ve received several reports confirming this. At this time, other staff members left the church. It’s no coincidence why founding staff members and pastors were leaving but what no one knew is they were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement in front of lawyers in order to receive their severance pay. If this church was a corporation, there’d be legal action against that.
ARC overseers got involved around this time. They tried to reinstate Dino in the spring before their ‘year of restoration’ was up but lawyers got involved. They were forced to release financials (if anyone has a copy or details, please email me) and this is when more members quit or left the church.
So what of poor Kaycee? She was paid off, too. She lives in Florida now and is clearly not hurting for money. Maybe she’s got a nice luxury apartment there where Dino still visits? I reached out to Kaycee via Twitter last year when I broke the story, but received no reply.
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Here’s What People Are Saying About Dino Rizzo’s Affair Cover-Up

Dino Rizzo Kaycee Morgan Smith
Dino Rizzo with the woman he had an affair with, Kaycee Morgan Smith. The affair took place in the summer of 2012. (Image left courtesy of The Leadership Blog and image right courtesy of Healing Place Church)

In light of Dino Rizzo’s recent return to ministry this week after having an affair with Healing Place Church staff member Kaycee Morgan Smith and lying to his church about it in his resignation last year, here’s what people are saying about the scandal and cover-up:

Chris Hodges words were spin on the truth. It wasn’t a brief inappropriate friendship, she was a kept woman for quite some time. But at least Church of the highlands and ARC received spins on the truth, HPC received outright lies and cover up. I just wish Hodges and Rizzo had gotten up there and said “we made so many mistakes over this last year trying to handle this right but failing, I’m sorry, please forgive me.” –From commentor Icabod

Charisma News did a good job of covering up what really happened. Readers were outraged again from the lack of integrity of the news source and the pastors involved, just like they were last September when Christian news sources were covering up the affair.
NavyDad77 says: 

The narrative should be about the cover up and leaving the women victim out in the cold AND the church that remains in Louisiana is in trouble. All the while this guy gets off with NO questions asked. He was the former youth minister for Jimmy Swaggart so he should know how to repent. The scandal is the cover up of what happened and the subsequent mistreatment of the intern. Not a single bit of contrition or mention of that from any of them. There should be outrage and a much longer cooling off period before they let him in charge of anything.

Richard says:

An “inappropriate friendship”? What is an “inappropriate friendship”? Since when is a pastor disciplined for an “inappropriate friendship”? Is an “inappropriate friendship” when you say “hi” too many times? What is an “inappropriate friendship”? I think I know what it is…..a lie….cover up language.

A former member of Church of the Highlands, where Dino Rizzo is now on staff and gave his first sermon since the affair, hits the nail on the head with this comment:

As a former member of COTH of over 12 years, I am so disappointed w/ Chris and Dino for how they have handled this situation. No honesty whatsoever!! I feel so sorry for the people of HPC who were lied to, betrayed and told they weren’t getting any more explanation for his (Dino’s) resignation. Their (Chris, Dino and Co.) cover up only proves that they care more about Dino’s reputation and the reputation of ARC than they do about the people they serve.

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