More is Revealed About the Dino Rizzo Affair Cover-Up

This is what we know so far about the Dino Rizzo affair with Kaycee Morgan Smith and the subsequent cover-up. More information is coming in even as I write so stay tuned for more updates.The affair between Kaycee Morgan Smith and Dino Rizzo wasn’t short-lived, nor was it an inappropriate friendship. It lasted at least a year and sources say that he furnished her with a luxury apartment during that time in Perkins Rowe.
Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge, LA (Image credit:
Perkins Rowe, Baton Rouge, LA (Image credit:

perkins rowe

What about her salary? Kaycee was indeed on the HPC staff and it’s rumored she made quite a large salary; more than some pastors at the same church. Kaycee played the role of Dino’s personal assistant when they traveled the world. He requested her to go on trips. Obviously so they could feed the poor, if you know what I mean. 😉
So how did this all get exposed after Dino had clearly hidden it for a year? Someone found texts between Dino and Kaycee on Dino’s phone. The person confronted Dino about them and Dino in turn, said it was none of his business and threatened him. The person went further, though, and spoke up to the church presbyters who turned a deaf ear. It’s no coincidence that DeLynn Rizzo’s father, Wayne Austin, was one of the three presbyters that were told that day. Wayne Austin was also the marriage counselor Chris Hodges mentioned in his sermon last Wednesday that ‘restored Dino and DeLynn.’ What a joke.
Don’t think DeLynn is a victim in all this. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Sweetheart knows where her paycheck comes from–$4 million dollars a year is what Dino and DeLynn are rumored to make.
Take a look at the cars their kids drive (BMW SUV), the private schools they attend (Samford University) and the eleven trips to Disney World they’ve taken. Burberry watches for birthdays ($500-700) and a private chef for Dino’s daughter McCall’s graduation party. Or trips to Australia, like McCall talks about on Facebook:
Who's paying for this? You, HPC.
Who’s paying for this? You, HPC.
Not to mention the $1.2 million dollar home they put up for sale after the scandal was revealed.
Dino Rizzo's house went up for sale last year around March.
Dino Rizzo’s house went up for sale last year around March.

dino rizzo house

Four million dollars a year may very well be an incorrect number. I’d imagine this kind of lifestyle would require at least $10 million dollars a year. It’s no wonder they run a very lucrative School of Ministry where college age kids pay several thousand dollars to work for the church. Free labor, plus thousands of dollars? That’s a trip to Australia for five, folks!
On the day Dino resigned, he was supposed to read a prepared statement but he didn’t. DeLynn told him not to. I’ve received several reports confirming this. At this time, other staff members left the church. It’s no coincidence why founding staff members and pastors were leaving but what no one knew is they were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement in front of lawyers in order to receive their severance pay. If this church was a corporation, there’d be legal action against that.
ARC overseers got involved around this time. They tried to reinstate Dino in the spring before their ‘year of restoration’ was up but lawyers got involved. They were forced to release financials (if anyone has a copy or details, please email me) and this is when more members quit or left the church.
So what of poor Kaycee? She was paid off, too. She lives in Florida now and is clearly not hurting for money. Maybe she’s got a nice luxury apartment there where Dino still visits? I reached out to Kaycee via Twitter last year when I broke the story, but received no reply.
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Healing Place Pastor Founder Resigns; Affair Cover Up Suspected

What Healing Place church members don’t know is that Dino Rizzo is most likely still taking their money. According to the Secretary of State’s site, there have been no amendments to any of the non-profits listed removing Dino or DeLynn Rizzo. In fact, no changes have been made since 2009. If Dino had really resigned, wouldn’t he have been removed from HPC and the ministries entirely?

Healing Place Church founder Dino Rizzo has stepped down from his job as pastor claiming need of a sabbatical.

Yesterday, I reported the story here but since the writing of that story, more church leaders have come forward to confirm the already existing allegations. What The Advocate isn’t telling you, is that Dino Rizzo and a former intern Kaycee Morgan Smith allegedly had an affair, according to reports from church leaders who were told this in a meeting Sunday. Leaders were duped into thinking Dino would admit his affair on Sunday to the church; however, Dino never read a statement according to sources. Instead leaders believe Dino provided a smokescreen to cover up the scandal and his leadership followed suit.

The Advocate reported tha he said this:

“We feel it is best that we step down as pastors today,” Dino Rizzo told several thousand church members gathered in the spacious arena sanctuary during the first of two Sunday morning services.

DeLynn Rizzo stood next to her husband while he addressed the church members.

“We feel God is moving us into a new season,” he said without disclosing what future plans the couple might have.

“Our hearts are forever marked by your faith, your love and your generosity,” Dino Rizzo told the silent crowd.

If reports are correct, then why did Dino lie to his church congregation? What does Dino have to lose by outing himself and coming clean? A lot of money, it seems. Money the IRS may or may not know about, since some of the non-profit corporations in Dino’s name are not in good standing for failure to file an annual report.
Dino Rizzo is listed as Director, Treasurer, and Vice-President (and other titles) to sixteen different organizations.

La Sec


Screen shot from the Secretary of State’s website September 18th, 2012 (10 am)

The first corporation on the list is listed as “not in good standing for failure to file an annual report” according to the Secretary of State’s website.


One of Dino Rizzo’s ministries

What Healing Place church members don’t know is that Dino Rizzo is still listed as an officer. According to the Secretary of State’s site, there have been no amendments to any of the non-profits listed removing Dino or DeLynn Rizzo. In fact, no changes have been made since 2009. If Dino had really resigned, wouldn’t he have been removed from HPC and the ministries entirely?

It appears that Dino is still legally tied to Healing Place Church and the fifteen other non-profit corporations. What we don’t know is how much money is there? If church members or the public were interested in knowing, they might tackle this by going to the IRS and filing a whistleblower claim. It pays well, according to a New York Times article, one whistleblower earned a $104 million dollar reward. Another option for former interns would be to consult a lawyer about HPC’s promise of ministry training and a possible violation of Quid Pro Quo Contributions. Interns in HPC’s School of Ministry get tangible benefits from their “donations” to the church. This means they aren’t really donations at all.
History repeats itself. There was another infamous minister whose world came crashing down over a sex affair, and in a bit of irony, he was also attached to the Los Angeles Dream Center. His name is Jim Bakker. It took a woman named Jessica Hahn’s allegations of Jim raping her for the ministry to start unraveling. According to Wikipedia,

Following a 16-month Federal grand jury probe, Bakker was indicted in 1988 on eight counts of mail fraud, 15 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy. In 1989, after a five-week trial which began on August 28 in Charlotte, the jury found him guilty on all 24 counts, and Judge Robert Potter sentenced him to 45 years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine.

The New York Times says this: “Judge Potter’s defenders cite a presentence memo in which prosecutors assert that Mr. Bakker actually used fraudulent appeals to raise $158 million.”
A non-profit called PRC Compassion is also something to look into, since federal funds were given to the non-profit corporation for Hurricane Katrina relief. One wonders how much of the federal funds were actually given to those in need and how much was put in the pockets of the officers: Gene Mills, Dino Rizzo and Daniel Jones (all large ministry leaders).
With Bakker, it wasn’t just an affair. Could it be the same with Dino Rizzo? I have a feeling once I post this, HPC will begin to do a quick cover up and destroy any documents that the IRS would need. My advice to HPC or ARC leaders or members who read this is to come clean. Don’t cover up the scandal. You owe your parishioners honesty at the very least. Not to mention, withholding crucial information from federal investigators is fraud as former Banker, Bradley C. Birkenfeld learned:

During the investigation Mr. Birkenfeld was charged with fraud for withholding crucial information from federal investigators, including details of his top client, the property developer Igor Olenicoff. Mr. Birkenfeld was sentenced to 40 months in prison, and was released early on Aug. 1.

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