Why Mercy Ministries?

I’ve written almost exclusively about Master’s Commission and Our Savior’s Church here at My Cult Life for almost two years. I rarely mention other groups, with the exception of Teen Mania Ministries, because the amount of abusive groups out there is vast.

Awhile ago, I came into contact with a Mercy Ministries insider. I’ll call her Anne. Anne and I became friends and she shared her Mercy Ministries experience with me. Little did I know, that I would find a kindred spirit in Anne and eventually feel compelled to help her get help with her story.

I’m a writer and I’m an experienced researcher. It didn’t take long to channel my experience as a whistleblower to help Anne on her story. Several weeks after she and I spoke, I found another Mercy Ministries insider who was from Australia (before Mercy’s big scandal, shut-down and legal action taken against them). Weeks after my first article came out about Mercy, a father of a Mercy Ministries girl sent me an email. This father ended up connecting me with a handful of other survivors who wanted to tell their stories.

Now the list of Mercy Ministries survivors is growing larger.

The girls’ personal stories are heart-breaking and awful.

I can’t disclose some of the stories yet, because I’m working on a larger project involving them but I’ve asked some of the girls to share their stories and experiences. They’ve also graciously allowed me to re-post some of their blog posts and personal stories that have been published on the web before.

I share their stories here and welcome the Mercy Ministries Survivors. Please make them feel at home and let’s help them get the justice they deserve.

Cult and Destructive Ministry Research Survey

As a reader of my blog, you are invited to participate in this survey on cults and destructive groups.

I decided to start recording some of the information from you all, because MANY of you have been so kind to email me about your group, but I didn’t have a way to centralize the data for research or to help anyone. Hopefully this will be a start of some good things to come.

As many of you know, I’m a writer. I write about my own experiences, but many of your stories are similar to mine. I’d love to use some of your stories in future books or articles, but first I need them to be filed away and organized. If you decided to participate, you MUST know this: If you agree, your identity will be made known in all written data resulting from the study. Otherwise, your individual privacy will be maintained in all published and written data resulting from the study. That’s just a fancy way of saying you choose whether you remain anonymous in any publication or whether I can use your name. I will NOT ever use your name without your consent.¬†And I will never sell your name or email address to anyone. Ever.

So, if you’d like to participate, please visit the link here. Feel free to copy and paste the link on Facebook, Twitter or share on your own blogs.

If this link isn’t working please email me at: mycultlife AT gmail DOT com and I will send you the link.

And thanks in advance. Let’s work together to stop spiritual abuse and give voice to the victims of cults.