No Dating is a Higher Calling: Master’s Commission and Westboro Baptist Church Members Agree

Master’s Commission has a “No Dating” policy for First Year students, which in many groups extends to Second Year Students and Staff Members (at the discretion of the pastor’s in charge). I’ve had current and former Master’s Commission students argue with me about this “No Dating” policy, which I see as controlling and cult-like.

Master’s Commission sees the “No Dating” policy as a way of a young person putting away distractions to fulfill a higher calling. They argue that you can’t fully focus on God if you’re focusing on fulfilling your Earthly desires, or better yet, ‘How can you get to know God if you’re selfishly getting to know someone else at the same time?’

Dating is a distraction–in their eyes.

Sound familiar, former MC’s (and others who’ve been recovering from cults)?

What’s eerily familiar is watching this video, where WBC members allowed a reporter an inside look at their compound. Take a particularly close look at the young women, who engage with the reporter about whether or not they have boyfriends. They state that they don’t and when asked, they say that “that’s not what we’re about in this life…we’re not about serving ourself” and “it’s a temptation that’s not needed and takes up time that we just don’t have.”

Sound familiar Master’s Commission? A horrific comparison, I know. Sadly, it’s true from my experience that many Master’s Commission students and Master’s Commission Directors speak just like these young women regarding dating.

Inside Westboro Baptist Church