Nooo Kitty, No

Molly might have pancreatitis.



Molly hasn’t been keeping down food for awhile now. She’s sick every few days and in case you feel like throwing up, Boo eats her vomit. Ha! Sorry, I had to.

The most adorable creatures on the planet, both of whom were adopted from high-kill animal shelters. Adoption saves lives and is rewarding. Just look at them.
Yeah, they eat each other’s throw up.

Anyway, the vet thinks she might have pancreatitis, or it could be a simple food allergy. $400 in blood work just happened but I love Molly’s vet so I have faith that he’ll fix her. If it really is pancreatitis, hopefully it’s manageable. Fortunately, she did improve a little bit when I cut out all seafood and gave her “sensitive stomach” food, so I’m hoping she just needs to go full on Hipster Cat (aka, grain free/organic/raw). So, results in a week. Cross your paws for her. xo


Kitten Diaries

Contrary to popular belief, I have two cats, not 25. Boo and Molly are their names. Look how adorable they are!

Just the two of us


Boo is kind of a bad ass. I got him at 4 months old (we think) from a high-kill shelter. I’m surprised he survived his stay at the shelter, to be honest. He was so skiddish and couldn’t be touched when I got him. He was afraid of everything: hands, people, and being petted.

Can we say comfy?
Again with the porno-pose

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