Master’s Commission Student Dies on Missions Trip

According to reports from the Canon City Daily Record, a Master’s Commission student, Daniel LaCroix, 19, reportedly died from carbon monoxide poisoning Wednesday while on a mission trip in Moldova, Europe. According to the report, “LaCroix left for the discipleship school, the Master’s Commission Amsterdam Noord, in August of 2011. Kettle said LaCroix came home for Christmas and returned to the school in January.”

The Master’s Commission Amsterdam Noord blog confirms the report with these comments:

MCAN has tragically lost one of our own, Daniel LaCroix, in an accident last night. To say that Daniel was an incredible man of God would be to understate his passion, integrity, fortitude, unwavering-faith, and beautiful heart for worship. During our missions trip last week in Moldova, the team was able to hear Daniel speak multiple times on his deeper level of intimacy with God in these past few months. Today, we know he is experiencing the deepest of that intimacy as he stands before the love of his life, Jesus Christ. Thank you all for your prayers as our team misses and mourns the loss of our dear friend, brother, and student.

Daniel’s European memorial service will be hosted by his MCAN family this Sunday at 10:30 here in Amsterdam at Pinkstergemeente Agape Church 58 Kometensingel

Our thoughts go out to the LaCroix family.


I spent five minutes before work in my car meditating today. Nothing to it, although for years I’d been thinking you had to do certain things to get it right (and you probably do), but for now this works.

I was at the doctor’s office the other day and some actress (of course, it’s LA…we are the hub for all-things “zen”. I kid.) said she pulls over in her car for 10 minutes and just tunes things out. I think she used the Twitter app all the kids are using to meditate now, but that’s irrelevant.

After years of praying an hour in the morning, before meals and essentially allowing my mind to be a wind turbine full of prayers, guilt-ridden assessements of myself and my performance and how those didn’t measure up to “God”, I was of course completely opposed to anything resembling prayer or “quiet time” as we used to call it. However, meditation has many benefits and I’ve found that I’ve been able to work through some of my issues surrounding the similarities.

Either way, it’s time to reinvent the “quiet time” portion of my life. The zen. The peace. The sitting outside by the beach WITHOUT smoking a bowl, perhaps.

I have some FUCKING ANXIETY, ya’ll. Which has actually gone away rather rapidly in the past month, but I do deal with it and many people suggest meditation as a therapy for anxiety, so home cures it is!