This just in: I’m bitter. Again. Blah, Blah, Blah.

This email was sent to me from Kelli, who titled the subject Broken Heart. Read on for more magic. Yawn.


Hello Lisa,
You do not know me as I do not know you personally. I was wondering around on you tube today and came across your video “Master’s Commision Rant.” I was curious, so I watched. I’m not surprised by anything you said. I have herd many people who left a mc with the same attitude. I’m must say that you sound bitter. I was in masters commission for 3 amazing years. I was not raised in church. I started walking myself to church at age 8 by myself. I was not raised in a Christian home, so I made the choice to believe in Jesus Christ and have him be the father and savior in my life. I started thinking for myself at a very early age because I had parents who left me no choice to think any other way.
I am so very sorry that you had this experience as well as many other students. However, masters commission is not intended for everyone. I have become great friends with the funded and many of the staff that have been there from the beginning and I know first hand that it is not intended for everyone. I had a fanominal experience and ministered to thousands of people. I know many people who spent one year in mc to grow their spiritual self and “get their self control” under control before they went to a university. Those people lead great lives and have stable families. They are successful and thank God everyday for that mc that helped them. I also know hundreds of alumni, including myself, that go on do ministry around the world. As far as the covenant for first years, it’s not intended to put a chain around your neck. It’s there, I you choose to do so, to have you focus on God for 9months rather than the distractions that come along with dating. Let’s face it, as for me , a disciple of Jesus Christ, if a man can not be completely focused on the one who  created him for 9 months out of his entire life, then how could he ever be faithful to me as his wife for the next 50-75 years of his life? I am so blessed to say that I have married a great man of God with morals and values that I believe that he could have never had without that covenant. I am in no way saying that people who don’t make 9month covenants with God can’t have them, I’m simply saying the if the opportunity is placed before you and you can handle it, then you can not handle future covenants.
I just don’t understand why you have made your bitterness into a business. You said in one of your comments on your video that a community of people need to come together… realize what you are doing? You are promoting a community of unforgiveness and bitterness. Why focus on the negative? What a terrible way to live. It seems as though you are the one that is hurting yourself by ranting on about the wrong that apparently happens to you. Why live in offense instead a life full of joy and freedom? Everyone gets hurt, it’s how you deal with it that developes you… obviously are living in the negative. Move on…. Do you really think that at the end of your life the world is going to remember you for doing good? Or will they remember you for contributing to the bitterness, anger, and unforgiveness? It seems as though your purpose in life is to down religions and be negative…….I couldn’t imagine living in such negativity. I feel sorry for you and hope that you find purpose in your life and stop living a life that is devoted to bashing everyone else’s lives….

It’s unfortunate that Master’s Commission hasn’t taught Kelli how to use spell check. Thanks girl.

In response, I didn’t cuss her out. I simply said, I don’t support abusive groups and I hope you will do your part to be socially and ethically responsible with those you deal with, too. 

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Why Mercy Ministries?

I’ve written almost exclusively about Master’s Commission and Our Savior’s Church here at My Cult Life for almost two years. I rarely mention other groups, with the exception of Teen Mania Ministries, because the amount of abusive groups out there is vast.

Awhile ago, I came into contact with a Mercy Ministries insider. I’ll call her Anne. Anne and I became friends and she shared her Mercy Ministries experience with me. Little did I know, that I would find a kindred spirit in Anne and eventually feel compelled to help her get help with her story.

I’m a writer and I’m an experienced researcher. It didn’t take long to channel my experience as a whistleblower to help Anne on her story. Several weeks after she and I spoke, I found another Mercy Ministries insider who was from Australia (before Mercy’s big scandal, shut-down and legal action taken against them). Weeks after my first article came out about Mercy, a father of a Mercy Ministries girl sent me an email. This father ended up connecting me with a handful of other survivors who wanted to tell their stories.

Now the list of Mercy Ministries survivors is growing larger.

The girls’ personal stories are heart-breaking and awful.

I can’t disclose some of the stories yet, because I’m working on a larger project involving them but I’ve asked some of the girls to share their stories and experiences. They’ve also graciously allowed me to re-post some of their blog posts and personal stories that have been published on the web before.

I share their stories here and welcome the Mercy Ministries Survivors. Please make them feel at home and let’s help them get the justice they deserve.