Women: Go Get that Man!

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about women pursuing men and why it’s not wrong.

Well, I’m about to revisit the topic. If you’re a stuffy Christian, avert your eyes. If you’re under 18, get the hell of my page. If you’re my mom…come back later.

Sometimes I check out the “recent keywords” on my blog, aka what you people typed into Google.com to get here. There’s been a ton lately about “should women pursue men,” “is it okay for women to pursue men,” and “do shy guys pursue?”

I feel like so many people need love advice out there, so it’s okay…Lush-us Deelite is out tonight to help you.

Send me your love and relationship questions to lushisdeelite@gmail.com.

But for now, I’m going to answer the reader’s question:

Dear Lushis,

Do shy guys pursue?



Dear Busted,

Well first of all, I gotta congratulate you on really goin after a shy guy. See, shy guys don’t always pursue girls, but when you finally get em, they are good, girl (or gurrrrrrrrlll *snap!*). I think you should really jus go after dat man and see what you two could do wit each other. U jus never know!

<3 Always,

Lushis Dee-lite™

Cuz everyone needs a little Dee-lite in their lives. <3