Sperm Donors

I’ve made it clear that I don’t have a husband.

Okay, we get it, Lisa.

You don’t have to have a husband to have a kid, these days. It’s not 1950.

There’s adoption, foster care, and…sperm donors.

You pay like $500 and go in to see the doctor and get the sperm inserted into your Vag and wait to see if it takes. Sometimes it can take a few tries.

So, it’s kind of costly.

But, lets face it. I’m 30, going on 35. Once you’re 35,  your egg count and quality decreases rapidly each year. Once you’re 38, a doctor may have to interfere by In Vitro to get you pregnant. After 40, I think pregnancy is pretty much not going to happen naturally. Or at all, but of course it depends on the woman.

Not to mention the complications after 35: higher rate of miscarriages, higher chances of having a baby with chromosomal abnormalities (aka Downs Syndrome, etc).

Maybe I’m a bit of a head case. I mean, I am only 35. I mean…30.

I still have 5-8 years, right?