Why Being Single Isn’t That Bad

A few weeks ago I decided to try Tinder. Tinder is the reason being single isn’t that bad.

tinder 1

The above screen shot is actually three different profiles put together. Upper left is a guy posing with a horse that’s LICKING him. In the face. #NotAFetishImInto Upper right is a guy who clearly takes too many steroids. Next. Bottom left is Garrett. Poor guy. He’s been scammed too many times. But don’t worry. He “nos about scammers now.”

tinder 2

This guy is just amazing. I mean, let’s be honest. This is a dude you could really bring home to mom and dad.

tinder dream guy

He’s high, but he’s my soul mate. And Fabio’s twin.

tinder speedo

Have speedo. Will travel.

When I showed my mom this one, she said, “So…you get the kid, too?” Built-in babies!

tinder wow

I “doesn’t” feel guilty about having sex, but I’m not really digging the abstract boobie art.