Oh Dear

There’s so much more going on behind the scenes here and much more that I’m writing and working on…but not all of it is ready to publish here…YET.

I do want to share with my readers that I won’t be using names of pastors as much from here (just out of necessity) because those pastors are going really crazy and the people I’m friends with are getting a lot of needless backlash from them. Those pastors still aren’t contacting me, but I feel it’s unfair that so many of my friends are getting bashed for what I’m doing because no one will speak to me about it.

Of course, I will be using names if I feel it’s needed, but for now I’m going to take this blog in a direction of giving more details of what myself and other students went through during their time in Master’s Commission and working for Our Savior’s Church and let their stories shine through–not drama about some douche-bag.

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