Teen Mania Expose on MSNBC airs Sunday November 6th, 2011

Here’s a clip from MSNBC’s expose on Teen Mania Ministries, the abusive behavior some interns have faced and their recovery after leaving the group. Check out Recovering Alumni for more information on the abuses of Teen Mania. Teen Mania is similar to the program Master’s Commission. They’re both discipleship programs which use entertaining multi-media conferences for teens and young adults (such as Aquire the Fire and Master’s Commission International Network conference) to recruit their interns. Both programs are located in Texas.


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6 thoughts on “Teen Mania Expose on MSNBC airs Sunday November 6th, 2011”

  1. Attended the academy in 04-05. Hated it. It is total indoctrination and it makes me sick. I was covered in blood and unconscious after a 100+lb cross was dropped on my head during ESOAL. This has caused long lasting damages to many people I know, in one case a total re-emergance of a recessed case of dissociative identity disorder. This needs to be closed down.

  2. this is so so sad. i went to the honor academy and didnt graduate but i loved it all! ESOAL was amazing and changed my life. people hello! you knew what you were singing your self into when u signed the contracts before attending the school! yes it is extreme but thats what Jesus and his deciples were, EXTREME.. this makes me upset cause it is a great great school and u find out who you are.

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