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As part of the Memoir Writers Discussion Group I host on LinkedIn, I’m hosting a BLOG PARTY over the next month (until the end of March, 2013).

A Blog Party is a simple way to get to know everyone from the group outside of the forum. This will give us a chance to become friends, learn each other’s backgrounds, and see what our books or books-to-be are about.


Birthday balloonsAs part of the Memoir Writers Discussion Group I host on LinkedIn, I’m hosting a BLOG PARTY over the next month (until the end of March, 2013).


A Blog Party is a simple way to get to know everyone from the group outside of the forum. This will give us a chance to become friends, learn each other’s backgrounds, and see what our books or books-to-be are about. Mostly, it should be fun and a place to really let our hair down and be ourselves. An added bonus is that a Blog Party can increase your traffic and grow your readership!

Here’s what we’ll do. First, comment below since this is the host site. Leave your name, a little teaser about who you are, and a link to a blog post that you wrote FOR this Blog Party. Please include the following in your blog post:

First, start off by introducing yourself. Make it personal, but also give us some background on your writing background. If you have a picture, share!

Second, tell us why you write. Is it a lifelong dream or something you recently discovered?

Third, tell us about your memoir. Is it just beginning or have you published it?


Fourth, if your book is published please include a link, photo, and synopsis so we can check it out.

Fifth, tell us what you are hoping to gain from other writers and the Memoir Writers Discussion Group.

After you leave a comment with name and a link to your introductory blog post, scroll down to see who else commented here and visit at least one other site (the host site doesn’t count as one). Read the writer’s post and comment. Your comment can say anything really, and you can include a link back to your introductory post so they can come say hi to you there.

What should happen is that everyone will get some new comments and hopefully you will find some writers from the group that you really like!


  1. You must have a blog
  2. You must be a writer
  3. Link to a specific post that introduces who you are and what you write

Lisa’s Introduction Post 


Hi! I’m your host, Lisa Kerr. I’m thirty-two years old and live in Southern California. I’ve been obsessed with writing since I was first introduced to The Baby-sitters Club. I’ve been reading and studying writers since then. I love writing about landscapes and I love being outside. I was raised in a small desert town in California and there’s something absolutely fascinating about the desert.

I have these two adorable cats, whom I’m a little obsessed with. Molly (pictured below) is still very much a kitten even though she’s over a year old. She plays catch and fetches. Yes, you heard me right. She’s part Golden Retriever/baseball player.


Boo, pictured below, is a laid back dude. He’s gentle and kind of keeps to himself. DSC_0370

My memoir is in-progress. I started it about three years ago when I started this blog (technically I started a few years before that, but the daily work on it started three years ago). I’ve written at least 500 pages but I’m currently starting to love the draft I’m working on now. My memoir is about my seven years spent in a cult and it’s titled after this blog, My Cult Life. In the book I explore the bizarre rituals, my purity vows, my pastors obsession with exorcisms and the subsequent loss of my faith, dealing with the complexities of forgiveness and identity. I’ve also got an official bio here.

I started the Memoir Writers Discussion Group in order to find a community of writers struggling with the same questions about memoir: How do you find your voice? How much do you “tell” when it comes to writing about other people? etc.

Now, tell me about yourself and link to your post below!

5 thoughts on “Memoir Writers Blog Party”

  1. Lisa, I don’t have a blog site because I haven’t a clue how to set one up.

    You mentioned “Baby Sitters’ Club.” I worked for Scholastic, Inc. from 1968 to 1998. I started as an Employment Interviewer in the NY Office of Personnel (as they called it in those days). My “clients” were editorial and artists. I screened them for the various departments.

    I remember a lovely young woman that I interviewed one day for a job in one of the editorial departments. She showed me her work and experience, and I immediately saw that this young lady had talent, so I referred her to the editor. After the interview, the editor called me and raved about her. “Send me some more people like her!” Don’t we all wish?

    Her name was Ann Martin. And you know, if I had not liked her, you never would have read Baby Sitters’ Club. Why? Because it wasn’t her idea initially. Ann rose quickly through the ranks and was tapped by the VP of Scholastic Books Division at the time (I’ve forgotten her name) to write BSC. It became so successful that Ann was able, after several years, to leave Scholastic and write it on her own. She lives in upstate NY the last I heard.

    A story: one day back in the seventies I was in the employee’s lounge in Englewood Cliffs, NJ (where I worked at the time). A buddy from Accounting came in rather breathlessly and showed me a check for a million dollars.
    “What’s that?” I asked.
    “It’s a royalty check for Ann Martin,” he said proudly. “It’s burning a hole in my pocket. I’ve got to get it in the mail to her right away.”

    Ain’t that sump’m?

    Anyway, my memoir concerns my opera singing career that coincided with my 30 years at Scholastic. I hope you will be interested enough to want to hear more. — Bob Mitchell

  2. Lisa, it’s taken me a while to write the post for my blog, Still Naked After All These Years. I’ve tried to follow the rules and points you’ve laid out for us above. I welcome visitors to see my introduction of BAND, memoir of A Naked Car Thief (working title). I’m about 60% of the way through the second draft, and I think it’s somewhat off the beaten path. Though it’s about my experiences in a mid-sixties rock band, it’s not a story of excess, nor is it a tear fest that many memoirs can turn out to be. It’s the very human story of some pretty average guys who find themselves in the cauldron of musical and cultural chaos of San Francisco in 1965 and 66. Though it’s a human story and that includes love and loss, it’s mainly an adventure, a transition story, a huge roller coaster ride. I knew there was a reason I survived that so I could get to write about it for all of us who made it through.

  3. Great idea Lisa! I’m the author of REACHING–A Memoir. I spent seven years dependent on a cult leader who convinced me I was demon possessed. My memoir details the perfect storm that led up to my dependence, the hell I went through and my eventual recovery.

    I believe telling our stories is a powerful tool in the emotional healing process. And connecting with people who’ve endured similar circumstances is the icing on the cake.

    Please visit my blog, and click on the “About Me” tab.

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